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College Students



Barletta Education offers a broad, flexible set of counseling services to help students achieve their educational goals and find the right college fit.  


As a trusted partner, we advise students with diverse levels of academic achievement, interests and personalities, and help families from a wide range of backgrounds, income levels and financial aid needs.  

Intake & Assessment

Every situation is different and we will truly get to know your child — not only grades, tests and activities, but also personality, passions and experiences. 

Essay Support & Review

Essays are increasingly important and our students will find their unique voice. We will help brainstorm topics, develop outlines and proofread essays.

Interview Preparation 

We will help prepare you for interviews with admissions and alumni, and maximize the benefit of your college tours. While these interactions may be virtual due to Covid-19, they remain very important.  

Student Discovery 

We help students discover what makes them unique, how to tell their story and how to stand out in a highly competitive environment. 

Personalized College Search

We take a thoughtful, collaborative approach to identifying schools, building a balanced college list in line with a student's goals, needs, academic profile and interests.  

Application Guidance

We will help you craft compelling 

applications that provide a holistic view of you as a student and person. We advise on recommendation strategy, supplements, extracurriculars and resume development.

Testing Strategy

We will help navigate the evolving standardized testing environment, evaluate different options, develop a preparation plan and recommend a testing calendar.  

Process Management

We develop a detailed calendar outlining each step with deadlines and deliverables. We not only help students get into college, we also reduce stress for families with an easy, efficient and enjoyable experience.

Educational Planning

The earlier we engage, the greater impact we can have on achievement, happiness and college admissions. We work with 9th and 10th graders to develop educational plans including course selection, activities and summer enrichment.   

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