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Our successful approach to working with families and helping students achieve their goals is reflected in the positive testimonials and references from parents, students and high school counselors. 

Orietta was a tremendous asset to us in navigating the college search and application process.  Her wealth of knowledge was invaluable as so much has changed over the years and there is so much more to know now. Orietta took the time to get to know my daughter and get a feel for what colleges could be a good fit for her.  She kept us organized and set timelines to keep us on schedule and ahead of the game for when it came to writing the essay, and beginning the actual process of applying. Working with Orietta eased a lot of the stress and the unknowns about the college application processes. Thank you so much!  


– Nicole, Parent

As a writing teacher myself, I was impressed with the way Orietta approached and commented on my son’s college essay. Her guidance helped him produce a genuine and insightful piece. Orietta responded promptly to my emails when I got nervous and she was always proactive outlining what we should do and when. She was sensitive to our budget and knowledgeable about college costs. The process and tools for building our college list, based on my son’s major of interest, was excellent. Orietta is personable, soothing, communicates clearly, and is highly organized. We were done with all applications before November 1, which was a great feeling!

– PK, Parent

I was so overwhelmed when it came to starting to think about college. Orietta broke down the specifics of many of the colleges, could talk to me about each school and help me think through which ones would be the best fit for me.  She was really great about keeping me going with writing my essay, giving me lots of helpful feedback, and making sure I knew what I needed to do next for the application process. This process was so much easier having Orietta there to guide and help me.


– Danielle, Student 

Orietta was incredibly helpful during my college admissions process. She guided me through every step, including helping me find the schools that were right for me, as well as keeping me on top of my deadlines. Orietta was a great resource when writing my essays and supplements, offering her time consistently to help brainstorm.
With her help, I was able to feel confident in each of the applications I submitted. I highly recommend Orietta’s services to future students. 


– Maddy, Student

Orietta has been an absolute godsend for our shared students. Orietta's skill set, knowledge base and willingness to walk alongside students and their families has gone such a long way in students finding their best fit, exploring and growing their lists appropriately, creating and adhering to timelines, and completing all of the seemingly endless tasks associated with the college process, from essay writing to submission. 


I highly recommend Orietta Barletta as an integral part of your college planning process.


– Carrie, High School Guidance Counselor

We can't thank Orietta enough for guiding our twin daughters through the college application process and helping them find the schools that were right for them.  She spent the time to really understand each of their individual goals, needs and preferences, and provided them with the information and tools needed to make them feel confident in their application and selection decisions. For us, she was an invaluable resource that demystified the college application process and took away much of the stress by breaking it down into small manageable tasks. Orietta brings professionalism, experience and organizational skills that lead students to a successful outcome.


– George and Karen, Parents

Orietta was an indispensable asset to our family. After thorough research and interviews with other counselors, Orietta was definitely the best fit for us. She immediately hit it off with my daughter and provided her the individual attention she needed. Orietta broke down the entire process into basic steps, deadlines and punch lists and followed through on everything in a very relaxed, reassuring and professional manner. Like many busy teenagers, my daughter needed frequent reminders and check-ins. Orietta kept her organized and accountable. With Orietta, our daughter got everything completed for Early Action and we have had wonderful results. When other parents tell me what a stressful process this was, I have to say that I cannot relate as Orietta truly made it so efficient, easy and low stress.


– BG, Parent

Orietta did an amazing job helping Noah manage his time; encouraging him to take the initiative to research schools and schedule both virtual and on-campus visits; and ultimately letting him take ownership in deciding where to apply, factoring in not just his likelihood of being accepted, but more importantly, where he felt the best personal fit. Noah greatly valued her thorough and objective perspective, and he regularly solicited her input and feedback on essays. Moreover, Orietta consistently checked in with us to ensure we felt comfortable with the process.   We especially appreciated her keeping Noah on track. He genuinely felt a tremendous sense of satisfaction not only with where he chose to apply, but also with the process itself that Orietta so capably led. We could not recommend her more highly!

– Natalie, Parent

A lot has changed since I applied to college thirty years ago. As our oldest son was about to embark on the college application process, we were seeking a guide to help us navigate what felt like an overwhelming process.  We were thrilled to have Orietta in this role.  She brings a remarkable mix of academic and professional achievement as well as up-to-date knowledge of school profiles and analytical tools. Orietta has a candid and pragmatic approach to getting to know students' interests, preferences, and aspirations, and then tailoring a personalized, comprehensive work plan for selecting and applying to schools.

– Eric, Parent

I can’t recommend Orietta highly enough! 
Orietta developed a great rapport with my son Josh right away, and took the time to get to know who he was as a person - not just his academic profile. ​She explained the college application process to Josh, impressing upon him the importance of the essay, demonstrated interest, and interviews. She held Josh to task and helped us stay organized and aware of deadlines and next steps.  

Orietta was a pleasure to work with and an indispensable part of this process - I really could not imagine going through this without her.


– Miriam, Parent

Orietta guided my son through the college selection process with expert skill. Her method of breaking down the steps into manageable pieces was just the format my son needed. It took what could be an overwhelming experience and made it achievable. As parents we had no idea where to begin, however, Orietta set up a plan for my son and held him accountable. We were then able to support him as he made his own independent decisions. Thank you Orietta!

– MM, Parent 

Ms. Barletta was instrumental in helping me

navigate what was a very convoluted college applications process for me. She provided thoughtful, precise and timely feedback for my essays and activities list as well as helping me set up an organized setting for planning out my application work. Due to the help she gave, I was able to finish all my applications well before the deadline which I had previously thought impossible.


– James, Student

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